Who made my clothes?

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I often wonder about the hands that made the items that keep me clothed, fed and comfortable. Were they tired, calloused, bored? What were these people thinking about when they sewed my jeans’ pocket, picked my tea leaves, harvested wood for my paper? I can only wonder. I certainly don’t know their names. Continue reading



DSC_0639It seems a cruel irony that the very things that often motivate people to want to live more sustainably (love of the earth, interest in different cultures, curiosity about everything and everyone…) also drives a desire to travel. I was privileged as a child to travel abroad most summer holidays, which undoubtedly influenced my decision to work in sustainability as I was exposed to different environments, people and cultures (read more about the impact of visits to a Greek aquarium here). In recent years though, we’ve opted for local adventures, usually seeking British mountains and coasts for our refreshment and inspiration away from daily life. Continue reading